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Do you feel like your furniture or living space needs a makeover? Worry no more! There is no need to part with   your much-loved or unique piece of furniture just because it is looking a little tired.  Our team has the solution for all your upholstering needs. We can bring your furniture back to life!

The Elite studio offers its customers a wide range of premium quality fabrics to choose from, with crucial advice offered in terms of fabric colors, style, durability and finding which fabric is most suited to our customer’s lifestyle. Once the process of choosing fabrics, design and décor have been finalized, our experienced craftsmen will then  re-upholster your piece of furniture  from the frame up, or re-cover your upholstered furniture to the very highest standards Adding loose covers if needed which can also be tailored to fit perfectly. Furthermore we collect and deliver your product to and from your location, once completed.

The right fabric is crucial – in color and style but also durability – so we will help you find the most suitable and resilient fabric to suit your lifestyle needs. Assessing the surrounding décor is part of the process, of course, so that both color and fabric fully complement their location. Alternatively, you may want loose covers, which can also be tailored to fit perfectly.

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The best way to experience our wide collection of fabrics is to visit the store. Follow the patterns and choose the most enticing fabrics to satisfy your needs.

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