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Curtains complete the overall appearance of your home. It helps control the ambience and flow of natural light into the room. Whether you prefer elegant drapes or simple swathes of fabric, our hand-crafted, custom made curtains are the perfect finishing touch for any room in your home, office or hotel.

Our team at The Elite Studio can create any style of window dressing, curtains or fabric blinds. They are expertly hand sewn to measure with one on one guidance from choosing the perfect fabric, linings, and trimmings to the detail of the style and accessories you need to perfect your home.

We are always open to ideas and giving our clients a personalized service at all times by visiting the work site for measurements and alteration. Once the curtains have been made, we offer a full fitting service, so every aspect of the job is taken care of, putting the clients at ease.


Roman Blinds | Venetian Blinds | Vertical Blinds | Zebra Blinds | Bamboo Blinds | Wooden Blinds | Motorized Blinds

Blinds are the trending alternative to window covering solutions. With our customizable style options and fabrics to select from your options are limitless.

Motorized Blinds & Home Automation

When it comes to visions of smart home, your motor blinds rolling up by just one command to reveal the new dawn is pretty much peak future living. Home automation through motorized blinds are just starting to take shape especially within the upmarket luxury apartments. It is a vital option for those long windows and doors that are difficult to reach. 


Roman Blinds

Roman blinds combine the beauty and softness of fabrics drapes with the ease and practicality of customizations to fit your personality. Top down, bottom up, cordless and motorization all options of room darkening makes the Roman Blind one of the most versatile and popular window treatment. Be it bright and cheerful or seamlessly blend into the rest of your interior we have a wide range of solutions for you.


Venetian Blinds

Our collection of Venetian blinds is strong, robust and stylish. Whether you want smart and simple colors or textured, wood-effect slats the strong aluminum is perfect for any environment. You can use these blinds in your kitchen and bathroom as the aluminum slats are also waterproof and simply wipe clean. Each blind also has a tilt wand mechanism to give you complete light control, perfect for your study or work environments.

For additional style and sophistication, we offer a premium range of Venetian blinds with a choice of metallic finishes and designs as well as perforated slats that allow a soft filtered light into your home and a view of the outside.


Vertical Blinds

Vertical blinds are perfect for large windows, French doors and patio doors. The Elite Studio gives you the choice of so many textures, colors and designs to choose from. Enabling you to control the light any way you choose, you can rotate a vertical blind to allow just the right amount of sunshine to filter through while also giving you incredible shade.

There are plenty of practical options to choose from as well, with our blackout verticals providing you with complete shade, effectively blocking out the sun to protect you from its glare. Our thermal, energy saving vertical blinds help keep your home cozy and cool, while our PVC collections offer durability and strength and are another option for kitchens and bathrooms.


Zebra Blinds

The Zebra roller blind is patterned just as the name has it; soft white with black stripes running through. They’re incredibly slim creating a sophisticated look. Sheer strips alternate with the patterned fabric, putting you in control of light and privacy. Align the strips for ultimate light filtering, or keep them alternating for privacy with a view.


Bamboo Blinds

Our Bamboo blinds come in two styles: with the traditional roll-up blinds mechanism and roman blinds mechanism. The material used to fabricate bamboo blinds comes from different natural sources: bamboo, wood, reeds, jute – woven to form a variety of beautiful patterns.


Wooden Blinds

The natural look of wooden blinds adds style and character to any room. Their timeless beauty and natural wood characteristics can now be seen in contemporary and traditional homes throughout the country. They offer privacy when closed and an uninterrupted view when fully opened.

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